Polignano a Mare, Puglia

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

We almost didn't make it to Polignano a Mare. 

A tiny typo nearly saw us booking a train to Pogliano, which although I'm sure is lovely, was 900km and 9 hours away from our desired destination. Luckily, we quickly spotted our error and booked tickets to Polignano. 30 minutes on the train and 5 euros. Much better. 

I am so glad we didn't end up going to Milan because Polignano a Mare is beautiful. If you google Bari, pictures of Polignano are probably the first things you'll find - and it's easy to see why it is such a popular stop on a trip to Puglia.

With white washed buildings nestled in the cliffs, aquamarine water and a pebble cove, Poglinano a Mare is truly the picture perfect postcard spot of Puglia. 

In order to find our feet - after a 30 minute train journey and less than a ten minute walk - we stopped for a bite to eat at Bella 'Mbriana. Within minutes we were sipping vini bianchi and watching the world go by. Hannah and I split a fig and prosciutto pizza (I'm sure we could both have eaten about three to ourselves!) Happily full, we headed down to the beautiful cove to bask in the rest of the afternoon sun. 

I am not used to busy beaches and have, thankfully, never had to fight for a sun lounger so I was a little hesitant when I saw quite how busy the beach was. However, the little pebbled cove had plenty of space for everyone - and what a place for people watching! It was also surprisingly comfortable on the rocky beach. We spent a couple of hours sunbathing and reading. Hannah dipped her toes in the water, I refused. 

Then, suddenly, the sun moved and the little suntrap was no more. Almost immediately the beach began to empty, some of it's inhabitants moving to the nearby rocks to soak up some more rays. We decided to go and explore instead...

...and were not disappointed. Whitewashed houses, beautiful balconies and cobbled streets, Poglinano a Mare is just dreamy. We weren't the only ones who thought so, we actually passed a number of photo shoots (including outfit changes!!) 

We made it to the view point and stopped at Aquamarea - which I think you will agree has some of the most beautiful views in Poglinano. Sitting in the early evening sun, reading our books and sipping white wine (I'm starting to think this is a theme) I wondered how I could ever go back to London. This lifestyle suits me much better.

I'm glad we didn't end up in Milan. 

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