Friday, 14 June 2019

It’s really rather typical that the first post I’m writing after announcing that I’ve moved to London is one about home. I'm going home...but only for the weekend.
I’m writing this on a Thursday evening train from London (the cheapest one that stops at every. single. station) and the sun is setting over the fields. I love how calm I feel once the train has crept out of the city and I'm surrounded by greenery and rolling fields.

Summer is my absolute favourite time of year and there is no argument - the countryside does summer much better than the city (take note, London!) 

I'm heading home because wedding season is upon us.

You know what I’m talking about. Over the past few weeks your Facebook timeline has probably been littered with pictures of hen dos: some abroad, some at home, matching dresses, sashes...and for the braver brides - butlers in the buff! There has been a noticeable absence of pictures from stag dos (something I think we should all be grateful for!)

This year is a scary one...it’s the first year my friends have started to get married!! How grown up is that!

So that's why I'm heading home - and to see my dog. That's the thing about living in London, however fun it might be, nothing beats going home.

P.s. How beautiful do my friends look?

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