Woods Hole, Cape Cod

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

I have been vocal about my love for Cape Cod in previous posts (Cape Cod, Falmouth, Martha's Vineyard etc) so I'd jump at a chance to write more about it.

Woods Hole was probably known to most people as being one of the key places to catch the Ferry to Martha's Vineyard but it is a destination in itself. A self declared 'village on Cape Cod' Woods Hole has a little something for everyone.

The first stop we always make is the Aquarium. It's only small (but free) and can be viewed in under an hour. Ever since we were little there has been a couple of seals in the outdoor pool but sadly, last time I visited they have both died within days of each other (RIP Bumper and LuSeal). There is a 'touch tank' in the aquarium though, which is fun for all ages.

You can wander between the traditional, timber clad, Cape Cod buildings to discover a number of shops from tourist souvenirs to quirky gift shops. There are a number of places where you can get an ice cream (it would be rude not to) plus, I have it on good authority that 'Pie In The Sky' is not to be missed. 

A staple part of a visit to Wood's Hole is watching the drawbridge - or if you're a friend of mine get so engrossed in seeing which boat is coming through that you drop your entire coffee on the ground!

My absolute favourite thing to do in Woods Hole? Sit by the water and eat Clam Chowder. No one makes it quite like they do in New England. I would recommend Shuckers. Get a table out on the deck out the back and enjoy the view. 

Alternatively, you can also go to the market and take a seat on one of their decks. The view is the same - and the chowder is just as good!

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