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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

I've been to France more times than I can remember. I love it - from the historic battlefields of Normandy to the winding streets of Carcassonne there is something for everybody. This summer, we went on a family holiday to the Lot in the Midi-Pyrenees not too far from the Dordogne. All we wanted was ten days to refresh and relax - and that's exactly what we got!

There was something about this region that was extra special - like we had walked onto the set of a film. This is not an exaggeration: there was castles built onto cliffs, flower lined paths and there seemed to be some sort of butterfly and moth infestation so everywhere you walked they would dance behind you. It was like something out of Beauty and the Beast.

Our house was in a small valley, just out of the village. We'd spend afternoons lazing here, reading, drink and most importantly: picnicking.

Other days we would explore towns and villages, such as Lacave:




We visited markets...

...spent time by the river...

...and time on the river.

It was just what we needed!  

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