Friday, 15 June 2018

Last week, to escape responsibilities and builders, we headed away for a sort of 'staycation'. We spent a few days not too far from home in the middle of the rolling Shropshire Hills. It was hugely relaxing, staying in a sweet cottage in the middle of nowhere. It meant that I could still nip into work for a few days and we could still do all the 'half term' jobs that had been put off. However, the real treat was that when you went 'home' at night, you didn't have to worry about cleaning or washing, all we could do was read and relax.

Not too far from where we were staying was the beautiful market town of Ludlow. Now perhaps most famous for it's food and drink (see Ludlow Food Festival) it is a town steeped in history.

Ludlow's street are a wonderful mix of historic Tudor timber framed to the beautiful Georgian townhouses. There are almost 500 listed buildings in the town!

One of these buildings is the famous 'The Feathers Hotel' that has been an inn since around 1670.

I really wanted to make sure that my visit coincided with a market. Now, this is not hard as Ludlow has a market running most days of the week but if you want to double check when they're on, check here. We visited when the General Market was running and there was lots to see, everything from cheese to crockery to leather handbags!. I almost had to be forcibly removed from the cheese stall!!

Fun Fact - I never liked butter until I tried 'real, fresh' butter at Ludlow Market one day. Ever since, I've been a fan!

Walking through the town, we paused every now and then to read the blue plaques that are on so many of the buildings. They give information about what happened at or who lived in a particular building.

Although we didn't go in, we made sure to stop at Ludlow Castle. Almost 900 years old the Castle, now ruined, is the site of an unbelievable amount of history. So many people have called this castle home, including The Princes in the Tower. Prince Arthur died at the Castle, whilst on his honeymoon with Catherine of Aragon, thus changing the course of history. I must say that the castle didn't look too welcoming...

However, outside the castle is a lovely green, right in the middle of the town, which definitely looked more inviting than the castle did!

We stopped for a cup of tea - and smoked salmon sandwiches - at The Angel. There was a lot of wine available, so looks like I'll have to go back for a spot of wine tasting!

Ludlow is the perfect place to spend a few hours wandering through the shops and the picturesque streets.

There are the more traditional shops...

...and then the slightly more quirky.

So, I hope this gives you a little insight as to why John Betjeman stated ' probably the loveliest town in England...' If you want to know more, you'll just have to visit Ludlow yourself! But I can promise you, it is rather nice!


  1. Really love your pictures! Will definitely have to add this to my to-visit list!

    1. Thank you so much, Jo. Ludlow is lovely for a visit!


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