Tuesday, 8 May 2018

There is nowhere more lovely than England on a summers day. A bold statement I know, but after visiting one of the most quintessentially English towns this weekend, I absolutely stand by it.

I was visiting P, a friend from school who is perhaps one of the most brilliant people I've ever met. She's returned to Oxford this year for her PhD and before she sets off travelling the world for her research, we put a date in the diary for her to show me around. We definitely lucked out. 

P's boyfriend H was visiting from London as well, so we packed our bags and set off, letting P lead the way.

Oxford is a beautiful city. There is a timelessness about the place, if somebody walked through Oxford 100 years ago, I think that would find parts of it very similar to today. The history, the colleges, the buildings - everything about it is glorious. What is it about the sun that just makes life that little bit better?

We meandered through the streets, dodging cyclists as we peeped into the quadrangles. P had a stream of info, history and anecdotes. We visited New College, a college with the motto 'Manners Makyth Man' (Kingsman reference, anybody?) before heading towards the city centre and arguably one of the most important stops...ice cream!!

G&Ds ice cream was everything that we needed! I went for the mango and pink lemonade sorbet, which was delicious. P has a trick for the ice cream. It works out cheaper if one of you orders the 'Monster' (three scoops) and another orders a regular (one scoop) and then you knock the top scoop off onto the other person's cone so you both have a double scoop ice cream!! Make sure you get their choice of ice cream on the top or it doesn't work!
With our ice creams, we headed towards Christ Church and the Christ Church meadow. I absolutely loved my time at uni but I think I would have loved it a little bit more if my accommodation looked like this...

We set up camp in the meadow and spent a couple of hours people watching, chatting and debating whether we should have Gin&Tonic or Pimms&Tonic. Turns out no matter how much you love Pimms, tonic ruins the taste of it. Luckily I was driving so could abstain. 

Before too long - and before we got too burnt - it was time for our next adventure. We couldn't properly 'do' Oxford on a beautiful day if we didn't go on the river. It was time for punting! There was a huge queue to go punting but luckily P had pre-booked. If you can do this, or if you know anybody at Oxford, get them to for it for you!! We were able to walk straight to the front of the queue.
We met up with some of P's friends so there was five of us. P, H and one of their friends took it in turns punting. I wish I could say I did more but I literally sat and ate grapes...it was wonderful! We also met two of the sassiest ducks ever, obviously well versed with punting picnics. 
Being on the water was the perfect place to be in the mid afternoon sun. Everybody was in such high spirits and although at times it was stressful - not so much for me, being a lady of leisure enjoying the picnic from the relative safety of the boat- but for those actually punting, it was great fun!
Once we were back on terra firma, we headed to P's for a quick pitstop, repacked the picnic and set off again. This time we walked along the riverbank, doing a loop until we ended up at the other side of Christ Church meadow. We had scones and G&Ts (gin won, no more Pimms and tonic here!) and watched the world go by. By world, I do mean the Oxford rowing teams...

I could have stayed for hours but soon enough it was time for me to pack up, leaving P & H to enjoy the last of the sun. 

Oxford, you're glorious.


  1. Sounds like the perfect day! I visited Oxford a couple of months ago but after seeing these photos I'm dying to go back when the sun is out!

    Chloe x

    1. It was such a wonderful day! Definitely try and make it back when it's sunny!! x

  2. Love this. I have friends there and will defo try to visit them this summer!

    1. It's so great being shown around by friends too - they always know the best places to go!


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