Chester, Cheshire

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Sometimes we take the places closer to us for granted and only start to appreciate a destination when we see it through someone else's eyes. I recently watched one of the Knorpp family's videos and Megan's reaction driving through Chester was great to watch. Chester is so close to home and as a result I feel that I probably take it for advantage. 

Where is Chester?
Chester is city in the North West of England. Originally one of the main Roman cities, Chester is a walled city near the Welsh border.

Food and Drink
There is so much to choose from in Chester:

If you're feeling fancy visit The Grosvenor for afternoon tea. The staff are super attentive and it's a great little treat for a rainy day.

There is not a single Brunning & Price pub that I am yet to visit and not like. The Architect is no exception- great restaurant and fabulous food!

If you're looking for a quick bite to eat or some cocktails, I'd suggest Bar Lounge. Fairly central, it is always busy on Race Day. Last time I was there I had the 'Even Posher Cheese and Ham Toastie' and  it was so good my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Siam Thai and Teppanyaki Restaurant is worth a visit if you fancy something a little different.

The Coffee Mill is a family run tea room located on Bridge Street. It is the perfect shelter from the rain - or if you just need an emergency hot chocolate pit stop!!

These are only a few suggestions - almost every street has more lovely restaurants, coffee shops and cocktail bars.

Things to do
Shopping! The Grosvenor Shopping Centre and (primarily) Watergate Street holds the majority of the city centre's shopping. There is everything from Lush to Hobbs to WHSmith.

Don't miss out on walking along The Rows for some more shops!

Chester Zoo - a definite highlight - is perhaps one of the most well known attractions in Chester! Just outside the town centre, Chester Zoo is easily accessible by bus, road and rail and well worth a visit.

Chester Races is a huge highlight in the events calendar. The racecourse holds a plethora of other events as well as the racing and polo. If you're thinking of visiting Chester - perhaps avoid race day unless you're attending. It's can be very busy!

Dewa Roman Experience is a great one for kids. Learn all about the Romans in Chester - whilst dressing up!

If the weather is nice take a walk around the city walls.

Fun Fact
An urban myth/ancient law dictated that Welshmen were prohibited being inside the Chester town walls before sunrise and after sunset. Rumour has it that it is still technically 'legal' to shoot a Welshman after midnight on a Sunday inside of the city walls - only if you do it with a cross bow!!

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