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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

It's funny, I've sat down to write this post a number of times but found it one of the hardest. Of all the posts I've written, this is the one that I want to get spot on because Shrewsbury is my hometown. I feel that you should know I will probably be slightly biased but I genuinely think Shrewsbury is one of the loveliest towns in England. Plus, it was voted the 8th Happiest Place to Live in the UK so I can't be too far wrong!

Where is Shrewsbury?
Shrewsbury, Shropshire's county town, is in the West of England, on the Welsh borders.

Famous Faces 
You may have heard of Shrewsbury as it was also the hometown of Charles Darwin and he went to school here too. 

Wilfred Owen, although born in nearby Oswestry, spent a number of years living and attending school in Shrewsbury.

Joe Hart, England footballer, was born and bred in Shrewsbury, and started his football career at Shrewsbury Town Football Club.

Every summer the Shrewsbury Flower Show is held in the park, The Quarry.

Shrewsbury Folk Festival also takes place at the end of August.

Food and Drink
There are so many great restaurants, cafes and bars in Shrewsbury.

The Armoury is one of my favourite restaurants. The food is delicious, the staff are always friendly and I just love the setting.

The Boathouse is the best on a summers day. It's right on the water and you can spend hours there - plus the food is so yummy!

Drapers Hall is good for a special occasion. It's very atmospheric with wood panelling and candlelight. It reminds me of an old fashion, Tudor dining room (on a much smaller, and more sophisticated, scale!)

Dough & Oil has recently opened and is a bit more edgy and 'young' than most restaurants in Shrewsbury. It's a pizzeria with amazing coffee!!

Cafe Saffron is a wonderful Indian restaurant. I would recommend the Butter Murgh.

Battlefield 1403 is just outside of town but is a great place for brunch. The attached deli and farmshop makes the experience even better because you can buy treats to take away with you!

Osteria Da Paolo is the most gorgeous Italian restaurant. It is hidden away, and is fairly small so make sure that you book! The owner is normally in and chats away to everybody, sometimes joining you for a Limoncello at the end of the meal. It's 'real' Italian food - so expect meat and pasta dishes but no pizza!!

Things to do
Shrewsbury has something for everyone:

Shrewsbury Castle is the home to Shropshire's Regimental Museum. Located next to the train station, it is easy to find.

The Quarry is the main park in town. It's great to cycle through, have picnics in or go for a walk through along the river. Make sure you visit 'The Dingle' and it's beautiful floral display, designed by Percy Thrower. There is also a swimming pool just off the park.

'Sabrina' is a boat that will take you for a tour of the town from the river. They do both daytime and evening trips.

Shrewsbury Museum has something for everyone...including a cafe! Be sure to visit the Art Gallery too if you're there.

The Old Market Hall is a cafe, bar and cinema in the middle of town. It only has one screen so there is a small selection of films running at one time so make sure you book. It's a great venue and they even hold 'Parent & Baby' screenings for parents/guardians with babies up to 12 months. 'Relaxed Screenings' are also held - they are open to all - but most importantly, they are Autism friendly.

If you're in the area one evening, why not take part in a walking Ghost Tour of Shrewsbury? Find out why, even today, some contractors refuse to go into a certain pub...

If you fancy leaving the town centre and visiting more of the surrounding area. Learn all about the settlement at Wroxeter - which was once the fourth largest city in Roman Britain.

If you're in Wroxeter it would be a shame not to visit the Wroxeter Vineyard and pick up some English wine!

Nearby Wroxeter, you will find a National Trust property, Attingham Park. There are lots of activities for children here, great walks, a deer park and three cafes to choose from!

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