Gironde, France

Thursday, 15 February 2018

I've been to France numerous times but never visited Bordeaux or Gironde. I didn't even know where in France it was, I just knew that I needed some sun! It turned out to be a wonderful trip with my family. 

Where is Gironde?
Gironde is a region in the South-West of France.

How long did you stay for?
One week

Where did you stay?
We stayed at Chateau La Gontrie. It is outside of Bordeaux itself, on the outskirts of Saint-Caprais-de-Bordeaux. 
Chateau La Gontrie was a great place to stay. We walked out of our front door and we were in the vineyard. It is a running vineyard one evening, Jean-Louis gave us a tour of the vineyard and we did a wine tasting with the other guests. What's better, the house comes stocked with a case of wine!! There is also a pool and the owners, Jean-Louis and Nola - and their adorable dog, Saffy -  provided bikes for us to use as well. 

What did you do?
Luckily, my parents are just happy for us to get in the car and 'follow our nose' to see where we end up. I love doing this because you quite often stumble upon things you maybe would have missed if you had a strict itinerary. The only down side is I'm sure we visited lots of places that I can't remember the names or exact locations of. Such as this:

and this:

  However, there are a few places that I can absolutely remember.

1. St. Emilion

St. Emilion is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site, and definitely one of the most popular places to visit in the area. It is very famous for it's picturesque streets and, most importantly, the wine!! When the shops look like this:

and the restaurants look like this:

and there are views like this:

you can see why St. Emilion is worth a visit!!

2. Cordeliers Cloisters 
Whilst you're in St. Emilion, visit the Cordeliers Cloisters. If you aren't interested in learning about the history, I'm pretty sure there was a cafe nearby.

3. Château de la Brède
One absolutely scorching afternoon, we visited Château de la Brède. It a fairytale-esque castle, complete with beautiful grounds, turrets and a moat. The chateau has an interesting history, that goes back hundreds of years. Two things to look out for: a piece of bread saved from the Revolution (I think!) and the paw prints in the concrete. When we visited, they did provide a guided tour in English.

4. Cycling
One of the best days of our whole trip was when the five of us rented bikes for the day. The place that we rented them from suggested a route for us to follow. I would 100% recommend. We spent the day cycling through the French countryside, vineyards and villages. When we found a village we liked along the way, we just parked up and stopped for lunch.

5. Markets
We loooove a French market. I'm pretty sure that Creon market takes place on a Wednesday (but it's always good to double check before you go!) 

Food and Drink
When we're in France we love sitting outside and having picnic type meals and BBQs. That's one problem with England - even in summer you can't always sit outside!

One evening we did go to La Table in Creon. It was the most beautiful setting in the courtyard outside, with lots of fairy lights - and the food was divine.


  1. Brilliant post! The views and photographs are beautiful.

  2. Great post, there are some gorgeous pictures here, it looks like a beautiful place.

    Em ~

    1. Thank you, Em. Hope you're feeling better soon x

  3. This place looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your pics and experience. Gironde is now on my 'To Visit' list! x

    1. It's not necessarily a 'classic' place to visit but so worth it! Thank you for reading x

  4. Your photography is lovely, it really makes me want to travel some more this year :)

    1. Thank you so much, that's very kind :) x


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