Fraser Island

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

It's difficult to know what to say about Fraser Island. We did so much and it was unlike any trip we'd taken before.

Let's begin with a few facts:

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world.
The Butchulla people are the indigenous people of Fraser Island. 

We did the tour of Fraser Island with Dingos from Rainbow Beach. It was a two night, three day trip with a night at the Dingos Hostel before and after the trip.We arrived at Rainbow Beach slightly unsure of what to expect. It was the first time on the trip that we had a planned itinerary. 

We checked in and were issued our metal cup, plate and cutlery. I felt like I was solider about to go on a mission during WW1. On the first evening everybody met for a safety briefing. During this time we were introduced to the rest of our group for the first time. We lucked out and got a great group of people! They were who we would be cooking, driving and staying with for the next few days.
*I was so nervous about heading to Fraser Island because I thought I'd be out of communication completely. I was for the most part but I occasionally got signal. (I didn't have an Australian sim card, but if is probably worth getting one.)

Day One

The first day of the trip we were up early to pack the cards, get our 'rations' and meet our guide, Mick. Finally, after piling in the jeeps, we headed to catch our ferry. There was strictly no swimming to avoid nasty encounters with sharks!

Finally, we drove off and were on the beautiful Fraser Island. Not too long after arriving we saw a DINGO!!

We drove to Lake McKenzie which was beautiful...

After swimming (so cold!) and rubbing the cleansing sand on our faces (can't tell if it worked or it just made us look stupid) we headed for the campsite. The campsite is actually on Butchulla land and came complete with a nightclub called 'Winki's' named after their 'pet' dingo. 
*You're put in tents of two, which for fine for us because we were travelling together. Be warned that if you're travelling alone you might have to share a tent with someone in your group.

Day 2
The second day we headed out to Indian Head. There is a really interesting and troubled history about Indian Head and Fraser Island. One of the ladies we met at the campsite told us all about the stories. From Indian Head we saw whales which was wonderful.

We then headed to the Champagne Pools. It was quite cold on the second day but some of the braver members of the group went swimming.

On the way back to the campsite we saw the Maheno Shipwreck. We were also able to take a plane flight up over the island if we wanted (I think it was about 100AUD). They picked you up from the beach and dropped you back about 10 minutes later.

The second night was definitely more lively. Everybody knew each other a little better and the drinks (goon!!) were flowing. There was a group of Irish with us so they lead the singing. The next morning, my sister and I were some of the first up. As we made our way to the bathrooms we found one of the boys asleep under the picnic table.

Day 3

We finished our trip on Fraser Island by a trip to Eli Creek. We walked down the creek but if it was warmer it would have been heavenly to float in the fresh water.

We stopped off at a shop for lunch before heading back. 

It was such a fun trip and it was great to get to know people on our trip. We kept bumping into them for the rest of our time in Australia, which became strangely comforting. It was also great to get back to the hostel and have a proper shower.

Our last day in Rainbow Beach was super exciting - they were having their annual Pig Festival! To prepare for this 'exciting event' we headed out for breakfast with some of the girls for breakfast.

During the day people kept peeling off, saying their goodbyes until finally it was time to get our bus to the next stop, Airlie Beach. It was nothing but a 14 hour bus journey away - and what a journey it was! But that is for next week...

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