Winter Wonderland

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

I've said it before, but I am possibly the world's coldest person. I've had a hot water bottle on my knee almost every day since mid-October and can't get out of bed in the morning unless I'm bundled up in my dressing gown!

Saying that, I found myself longing for the first frosty morning. Actually, let me clarify... I found myself longing for the first frosty morning, where I can go for a walk in the crisp air and then come back to a warm fire and a mug of hot choc. I do not long for the first frosty morning when I'm late for work and run out of de-icer so I find myself scraping the windows of my car with a James Blunt CD case. That day has already come and gone this year and it wasn't pretty!!

But this year we got lucky. SNOW!

Where I live in England it does get very cold but we rarely get snow, and when we do, it's normally a pathetic amount. However, this year it just kept falling and falling until we almost had to have a snow day (if I could have gotten away with a snow day, I would have!). It blew any idea of a frosty walk out of my mind! We went sledging and built a snowman and made snow angels. 

For a few days we were living in a real winter wonderland. It was really great to see how people in our village were looking out for each other, offering to run to the shops for anybody who was stranded or shovelling their neighbours driveways.

It was so magical and definitely made everybody feel wonderfully Christmassy...and for once, I didn't mind the cold.

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