Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Living in the UK, we are incredibly lucky being only a stones throw from Europe. It's so easy to get on a plane and be in another country in less than two hours.

A few days after I finished my final exams in May, one of my best friends, Hannah, and I jumped on a plane and headed to Mallorca. After months of deadlines and revision, the only thing I wanted to do was lie in the sun and read a book...and that is exactly what I did.

Where is Mallorca?
Mallorca is one of the Balearic Islands, located off the coast of Spain. Probably most famous for Magaluf, a huge party destination, or maybe for being the location where Love Island is filmed. 

Where did you stay?
I stayed just outside of Alcudia, in the North of the island. Our hotel was called Eix Lagotel. A completely different setting to the trip I had made five years earlier to the less refined side of the island (Magaluf).

How much did it cost?
For the first time, I went all inclusive. It was SO easy. All meals, drinks, transfers, flights and accommodation were covered in £325!! Obviously, everything wasn't 5* but it was so worth it!

What was there to do?
There is a lot to do in Mallorca. Palma is probably the main attraction but there is also Magaluf, the notorious party place of the island. A lot of people go to Mallorca for cycling. I, however, spent most of my time lying by the pool or on the beach. 

We visited Alcudia where there was a port with sweet restaurants and twice a week (Tuesday and Saturday!) they hold a market in the old town, which is definitely worth a visit.

*Not an ad* We used to book our holiday. 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Such an affordable option and not too far away to travel. Sounds like you had a great time, will have to add this to my travel list!

    1. It is perfect for a short break! Thank you for reading!


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