Happy Halloween

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

First of all, Happy Halloween!!

Halloween is a funny time in England. It's not really considered a major holiday and we definitely do not go all out like they do in America but it is still celebrated. 

Children dress up, go trick or treating people carve pumpkins but you also find that some people turn the lights out and hide from trick or treaters! (*cough cough, Dad!*) 

This weekend I insisted that my brother and I go and pick some pumpkins. There is a farm near to where I live that has a pick-your-own pumpkin patch. In the summer there was a weekend when you could go and plant your own pumpkins and then collect them in time for Halloween. The lady was telling us how one little girl used to come and visit her pumpkins every few weeks to check on them!!

Even though I am now 23 and probably too old to go out trick or treating, I was not going to miss out on celebrating Halloween and carving a pumpkin. It is also a nice way to support a really great local business!

I tried to be artistic this year but it didn't quite look like I had hoped...I'm not very artistically gifted. I suppose that's the great thing about Halloween in England though...people will just presume that a child carved that pumpkin...and I'm not going to correct them!

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