Ghostly Evenings

Sunday, 29 October 2017

I'm very lucky to live near a beautiful old town. There are a lot of Tudor buildings and cobbled streets...and a whole lot of history!

One rainy evening earlier this month, my Mum, brother and I went on a ghost tour around the town centre. Our guide, Nigel, lead us through the old streets and told us about the ghosts that are said to inhabit the buildings...including a woman who was locked in a cupboard by her parents for marrying beneath her station and a house where witches supposedly lived in the cellar!

It was a great way to see my town and explore the streets that we don't go down everyday. We even discovered alleys and buildings that I didn't know existed! 

One of the freakier things about the tour was hearing the haunted tales of one of the pubs that I have passed many times. In an upstairs room there is a mural on the wall. Three people in completely different eras all died after staying in that room and seeing the mural. The landlord keeps it hidden by a cupboard now, but apparently even today contractors refuse to go into the room and do work due to superstition!

Although the Ghost Tour wasn't as spooky as I expected, it was a fun activity to do with my Mum and Brother, a nice way to walk around town and good for getting into the Halloween spirit!

Do you have any Halloween traditions?

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