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Friday, 4 May 2018

We Rise - Volume 2

Firstly, I just want to say thank you for the kind words that everybody has said about Volume 1 of 'We Rise'. I definitely didn't expect the amount of positive feedback that I received. This month I've been a bit quieter on here with work taking the front seat but nonetheless managed to spot a few wonderful people to put a focus in this month's 'We Rise'.

In this series, I want to celebrate some of the people that stand out for me, who I've noticed are super supportive and embodying the 'We Rise By Lifting Others' quote.

1. Nadia @ Miel and Mint
I stumbled across a tweet from Nadia the other day as I was thinking who would be featured in this month's 'We Rise' and after a few minutes of scrolling through her timeline I could see that Nadia was friendly, welcoming and supportive. She is a lifestyle, beauty and travel blogger - a triple threat!

Find Nadia here:

2. Lucy @ Absolutely Lucy
I followed Lucy quite soon after beginning my blog and is definitely somebody in the community that I feel I could approach for advice. She is a travel blogger who has a wealth of knowledge and this week has moved to Hamburg to start her next exciting adventure!

Find Lucy here:

3. Claire and Laura @ Twins That Travel
I love love love this account. Claire and Laura are travel bloggers. They have a fantastic podcast that I would really recommend checking out! Super approachable, encouraging and helpful, they have recently co-hosted The Bloggers' Retreat which looked phenomenal! Make sure you follow their adventures - currently taking place in Florida!!

Find Claire and Laura here:

I hope you enjoyed these recommendations. Take some time to look at their blogs and please do let me know if there is anybody that you think should focus on next month's 'We Rise'.


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