Tuesday, 30 January 2018

When we were in Brisbane, we planned the rest of our trip with PeterPans Travel. In all honesty, I was in two minds about this. I didn't like being tied down to set plans, but we also wanted to make sure that we did everything we wanted whilst we were here. Brisbane was the half way mark and so planning the last two and a half weeks made sense.

Our next stop after Brisbane was Noosa. As we had an itinerary, we could only spend two days here.

Where did we stay?
We stayed at the Noosa Heads YHA. It reminded me a little of the cabins in Dirty Dancing. It was a little on the cool side, but I'm sure in summer it's amazing.

How long for?
2 nights.

What did we do?
The weather wasn't fabulous when we were in Noosa, but we did manage to find a few hours to lie on the beach. 
One evening, we decided to walk to towards the Boiling Pot Lookout. We didn't quite make it before sunset and as we hit the edge of the national park, a jogger stopped to say that it probably wasn't worth going through the park in the dark. They were really sweet and told us that we should head back to town because they'd hate for anything to happen to us in the dark. As we walked back we hit another beautiful sunset...and two men that had decided to go skinny dipping!!

We spent another evening chilling at the hostel and watching a film in the living room.

Hasting Street is also a good place to spend an hour or so, strolling through the shops.

Where did we eat/drink?
Sadly, we were full travellers here and didn't end up eating or going for drinks! Back to the trusty Coles cool bag!

Travelling can actually be quite tiring, especially if you're getting up early and spending the days out sightseeing, or have to be out of a hostel by a certain time. Noosa was a couple of days to relax and regroup...just what we needed.

Up next: Fraser Island

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