Byron Bay

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Byron Bay was another world. It was one of our favourite stops on the trip. I'm pretty sure the moment that we got off the bus, my sister was ready to burn incense and walk around barefoot. As soon as you arrive you can see why Byron is so popular, it's full of travellers, all doing a variation of the same trip. Everybody is so friendly, there is lots to do and it's beautiful.

Where did we stay?
We stayed at the Byron Bay YHA (there are two YHA's in Byron). Many friends have visited Byron Bay but stayed in different hostels and had a blast. I think you'll have fun wherever you choose to stay.

How long did we stay there?
4 nights - we originally were only going to stay for two but just kept booking to stay 'just one more'.

What did we do?
When we arrived, the receptionist at the hostel told us to go down to the beach for the sunset. He said it wasn't to be missed. We headed straight down and sure enough, the crowds were gathering as the sun began to set. He was right it was absolutely beautiful and I'm quite sure that the sunset was almost worth the trip alone! As the sun was setting, people starting drumming, singing and dancing. It was all very 'hippy' however as the sun set on a warm June evening, it just worked. If you're there, go to the beach for sunset!

We went for a walk to the Lighthouse. I'd definitely recommend doing this if you get a chance. The walk is easy enough, take it slow if you need to, but the view is spectacular. You get to stand at the most Eastern point of Australia and if you're lucky, you might be able to spot a whale!!

We spent hours lounging on the beach and by the pool. Byron Bay is a very chilled out place!

Visit Apex Park and listen to live music. We spent the evening there on one of the days, and just after they finished, we got to see another glorious Byron sunset.

Where did we eat/drink?
We mainly ate at the hostel (from our trusted Coles cool bag). We went for drinks at Balcony Bar. It had a great atmosphere and they serve really great cocktails. When we ordered drinks we also got a mini bag of popcorn which was delicious!!

We also grabbed drinks at Pacific Dining Room Beach Hotel. It was always super busy and is right next to Apex Park and the beach.

Reliving our time in Byron Bay makes me want to go back so badly!

Next stop: Brisbane

*We did spent one night in Surfer's Paradise between Byron Bay and Brisbane. It was our least favourite stop of the trip. I don't think we even spent 24 hours there.

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