Tuesday, 23 January 2018

There was something comforting about reaching Brisbane. After our uncomfortable night in Surfer's Paradise, I think that just being in a city again was great!

Where did we stay?
We stayed in Summer House for one night and then moved onto Base Uptown for the rest of the time. This was our first experience of a Base/Nomads and it was really positive. We stayed in Base a few more times during our trip.

How long for?
Altogether we stayed in Brisbane for 3 nights. Two nights at first, then we went to stay with some friends for a few days, and then we returned to Brisbane for one more night. 

What did we do?
Like Sydney, there is lots to do in Brisbane. It definitely had a more 'working' vibe than Sydney did.

As with everywhere we visited, we found ourselves in the Botanical Gardens, walking alongside the river. 
*Really cute story - on the bus from Surfer's Paradise there were two people sitting in front of us that started talking. Later on in the day, we say them going for a walk together along the river, still deep in conversation. So cute. I wonder where they are now?!*

The South Bank has lots to do:

We went to the beach. Strange, isn't it, a beach in the middle of the city. Streets Beach is a man made beach in the middle of the city. So cool (and it has free wifi).

Take a river cruise. Check out the CityHopper. It's free and is a great way for you to see the city from the water.

We visited the Nepalese Peace Pagoda.

GO TO LONE PINE. If you want to get a taste of Australia, and by that I mean have your photo taken with a Koala and Kangaroo then this is your place. A little bit outside the city, there are regular buses and you come away with amazing photos, such as this:

Where did we eat/drink?
Brisbane has the most incredibly sushi. They sell it at little kiosks all through the city. Definitely worth grabbing some.

We ate at the Flying Nun Cafe in Samford. Great, great breakfasts!

Guilty Rogue was underneath our hostel (Base) and we ate there one night. There was a pizza special and we absolutely devoured it!!

If you have a little more time...
As I mentioned, we spent 4 days with friends outside of Brisbane in a place called Samford.

We went to Australia Zoo...aka Steve Irwin's Zoo. It was really great to see and the highlight was the show at the end of the day. The whole Irwin family (Teri, Bindi and Robert) were all a part of it.

We also visited Mount Cootha (first picture). It gives you a great view of the city...and it's a perfect picture spot! We also went to the Glasshouse Mountains.

If you fancy a little more Australian culture, why not check out 'The Secret River. It's a drama that explores the relationship between the first settlers in Australia and the aboriginals. Be warned, it's not always happy viewing.

A slightly longer post, but there you have Brisbane. I loved Brisbane and would happily go back to visit.

Up next: Noosa.

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