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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Confession: I started drinking coffee because of Gilmore Girls.

I started watching Gilmore Girls this time last year, right at the beginning of my final year. They drank SO much coffee that I began craving it myself. Isn't that strange that you can get cravings for things that you don't even really like? There was something so soothing about coming back from lectures on dark, cold evenings and plugging myself into an hour or so of Gilmore Girls. Maybe my grades would have been better had I not discovered Stars Hollow?

I've just started re-watching Gilmore Girls from the beginning. Maybe it's because I watched it this time last year, maybe it's because of the intro or maybe it's because of all the coffee but there is something so autumn-y about it. It makes me really excited for cosy days/jumpers/fires/hot chocolate. This would probably be a good time to remind myself that I live in England and we get one week of glorious autumn, a week of frost, the occasional sprinkling of snow (when the whole country goes into meltdown, I might add) but the rest of our autumn/winter/early spring is a sort of cold, damp, grey...isn't it marvellous?

Still, I'm looking forward to it. This week I'm going to try and buy a winter wardrobe. I say that like I'm some sort of fashionista... all it really means is buy clothes that are warm (I'm the world's coldest person) and smart, now that I am a grown up with a proper job! When will it be acceptable to wear a dressing gown to work?

With that thought, it's back to Stars Hollow for me...

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